10th ENTRY

Bole nampak tak gambar aku?

Benda ni sangat menarik. Harap korang bole join sekali, jangan biarkan aku menjadi satu-satunya rakyat Malaysia yang menyertai projek ni. Tak rugi pon.. hahah..

Hello, I'm Tanya.

I started with my new project called "Faces of Millions" and I desperately need YOU and YOUR HELP. I'm working on the biggest yet photo mosaic, that will be about 30ftx30ft (10x10m / 3 stories high) big. It will be made of about 300 usual size posters, which will have fingernail size photos of YOU, YOUR FRIENDS and all the OTHER PEOPLE who take part (about million of them).

HOW TO... Please donate your photo! Simply go to http://www.facesofmillions.com/ and upload your photo. Everything is made to be easy and it will take you just a minute or two to take part in the project. Unfortunately it wasn't possible to collect photos using only Facebook, that's why there's a web site made to assist me with this project.

You have to go to the site and upload your photo there. http://www.facesofmillions.com/. Anywayz, thank you for participating!!! Let's make history together!!! Cheers

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