18 May 2009

89th ENTRY

Gambar Hiasan

What will you do if you want to watch EPL Manchester United vs Arsenal and the rest of the family members want to watch Final Akademi Fantasia?

I'm not a fan of MU and I'm not the fan of Arsengal either, but since most of my friends are the supporters of MU, it's make me hate MU so much and the reason i want to watch the match is just to find a reason to create comtroversy between me and my friends. Haha... macam ni nyer orang pon ade.

In the other side, i hate AF also. I used to be a fan of AF, i don't know why... nowadays i hate AF. I never watch a single episode of AF this season. For me, AF students is just a piece of crap (teruk nyer aku) and not at that standard i wish they could be. Who are those stupid Malaysian wasting a lot of their money to vote for those students? And who are those peoples said to be fanatics, yelling like lunatics to the student like they are some sort of gods? Frankly, i used to vote also, like.. 5 times just because i don't want Mawi to win. I hate Mawi that time, the same reason I hate MU, hahah....

Ok... back to the question, last saturday night, i'm watching EPL and the rest of the family want to watch AF. The best thing is, i have the power to control the TV. My two nieces begging me to switch the channel and i just buat bodoh. They keep on begging and begging till finally i told them, 'kalau nak tengok AF, bayar dulu RM10'. The two girls ran to the kitchen and a moment later one of them gave me the RM10 note. I just grabbed the money, switched the channel, hand over the remote and i went over to the kitchen to have some dinner. I don't know where they get the money, it's either my mom or my sister's. I don't care, i got what i asked for, hahaha...

I sat with my mom and she then asked me, 'apasal ko malam ni buat perangai?' 'Tak suke AF, benci AF', this is my simple answer. I can't remember the rest of the conversation, but i do remember saying that i cannot watch my programme and that i paid every month nearly RM100 for Astro. I spend the rest of the evening wasting my time in my bedroom.

This morning, i don't know why, suddenly my mood is gone (moody lah senang kata). I not talking to anyone, i just simply turned off the CD player while my three nieces is still watching and turned to my favorite programme, i just ignored my sister calling for opinion, i'm not eating my breakfast and lunch, i just watched TV and sleep. I had my lunch at 6pm.

I wanna say sorry what just happen today, it not my intention to hurt anybody feeling. It's just me. Nothing to do with what happen yesterday.


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